7 Reasons to Love The Copper Penny

By April 30, 2012Dining, Nightlife
Entrance of the Copper Penny in Wilmington, NC

Our office is right around the corner from the Copper Penny (“the Penny”) and we eat there about three times a month. Below is a list of seven reasons why we keep going back to the Cooper Penny for more:

1. Not Your Typical Pub Food – The Penny is not cheap but the food is not some bland craptastic bag of junk that went right from the freezer into the fryer and onto your plate. You can tell that they actually put some love into what they do in the kitchen. Yes, it might be $2-$3 more than the place down the street but it is well worth it.

2. The Wings – Having come from northwestern PA and having been a bi-weekly wing eater since the 80’s, I fully endorse the Cooper Penny for having awesome wings. My favorite – naked, extra crispy, buffalo.

3. Family Friendly – Once The Penny went no smoking in 2010, we started taking the kids there on Friday evenings for dinner. It is loud enough that your little ones will not disturb your neighbors and quiet enough that you can hold a conversation.

4. 109 Chestnut Street Sandwich – We have tried to replicate this sandwich at home without success. My mother refuses to get anything else on the menu. It’s all about the bread and the spread.

5. Beer – Lots of it. Draft, bottles, micros, common domestics, belgiums (beware of the super high gravity stuff – that means you Jason….no more late night Denny’s stories).

6. Service – I am sure how they do it, but the Copper Penny manages to hire and retain great people. Out of 100 times eating there, I may have had one long wait. The owners are really nice people too and we’re more than happy to support their business.

7. Atmosphere – Not a dive, not fancy, just right for a relaxing meal out in Wilmington. Dark and cozy.

Why not to go to the Copper Penny? It’s an Eagles Bar on Sundays. They should know that the only real NFL team from PA is on the other side of the state. It can also be a loud when it’s busy. It’s probably not a good spot if you’re looking for some quiet conversation.

Getting to the Penny

Contact the Copper Penny

109 Chestnut St
Wilmington, NC 28401

(910) 762-1373

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