Listing Your Business on

At ILM Marketing we understand that you have hundreds of promotional outlets. We’re committed to finding a solution that’s a no brainer for your business or event. We can structure your advertising in a number of ways. Some options may be:

Flat Fee Listing

You can opt for a simple recurring monthly flat fee business listing. Listings cost $49/month and include a profile page on along with photos of your business (provided by client).

Cross Promotions

We’re also up for cross promotions if it makes sense for both parties. For instance, if you are an event promoter, we may be interested in exchanging tickets for a listing so that we can use the tickets for contests to promote the site.

Pay Per Click / Pay Per Call

We can come up with a pay per click and/or pay per call model that make sense for your business. With this option, you only pay for what you are delivered (traffic to your website or calls to your business).

The cost per click and call will depend on the industry. For example, for restaurants the cost per click may be $.25-$.50 and calls are $1-$1.5. For Mortgage Companies, the cost per click may be $7-11 and calls are $25-$50.

It will depend upon how competitive it is for us to promote your businesses in the search engines for your industry.

Let’s talk and see if we can up with a plan that works for you – Call Nat at (910) 547-6910

FAQs About Advertising on

How long is my commitment?

We do not have any long term contracts for advertising on and you can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice. If it does not work for your business, no sweat.

How do you know how many clicks you generated for my website?

We tag all of the outbound links on our site using Google Analytics. We then report each click as an event in our analytics account and can share that data with you. We can also manually tag the URLs so you can verify that data in your own Google Analytics account (that is if you are using Google Analytics).

How do you know how many calls you generated for my business?

We can display a unique number for your business on our website. We use a 3rd party call tracking software to track each call.