Discover local artists in and around Wilmington. Everything from metal work to glass blown lanterns. Wilmington has no shortage of beauty. Here you’ll find all you need to know and more about Wilmington’s museums. Historic downtown is a goldmine of history with haunted mansions and a plethora of culture. Don’t miss out on all this city has to offer. Prepare to be blown away by the talent of  Wilmington artists, the history of the waterways along with the hustle and bustle that has graced downtown Wilmington throughout the centuries. Let Wilmington tour guides enrich your experience with their knowledge of  The Cape River and all that has occurred in this town we call Wilmington.

The History, Art & Culture of Wilmington

The Gallery of Fine Art

Lose yourself in the wonderful world that is The Gallery of Fine Art. This is no ordinary gallery, here you’ll rediscover your inner child with artwork by Dr. Suess himself. Find unique jewelry, stunning blown glass pieces, and even pens made of corned cob. Choose a work by a local artist or American icon Dr. Suess to make a statement in your home.


Wilmington Trolley Company

Wilmington Trolley Co. is a top quality guided tour through historic downtown Wilmington. Experience centuries of history as if you were there! Wilmington has been and is still home to countless public figures, film productions and architectural masterpieces.